Chislehurst Golf Club

William Camden's Legacy


Camden Place takes its name from antiquarian William Camden

Known for his work Britannia and the Annals of Queen Elizabeth this herald, scholar and writer built himself a home on this site.

Camden made clear his wishes to ‘be buried in that place where it should please god to call me to his mercye.’

But on his death in 1623 and despite his explicit request, his friends arranged for him to be taken to Westminster Abbey – where his life and works are celebrated in Poet’s Corner.

But the house has had other noteworthy residents and stories to tell.

In 1760 Sir Charles Pratt buys the house and renames it Camden Place. In 1776 when he becomes an Earl he takes the title Lord Camden of Camden Place. Through him the name of Camden is exported around the world.

In 1813 owners Thompson and Anne Bonar were brutally bludgeoned to death by their footman

In 1823 Emily Rowles  is born at Camden Place.  
She would later go on to have a romantic relationship with the young exiled Prince Louis Napoleon – with talk of engagement.

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