Chislehurst Golf Club

Membership Fees

We invite applications for membership, however please be advised there is currently a waiting list for:
Full 7-day & 5-day membership .

Full 7-day & 5-day

Membership Fees

Joining Fee Annual



Bar Card

Full 7-day member 

£2,000 £2,203 £2,159 £2,093 £100

5-day member     

£2,000 £1,843 £1,806 £1,751 £100

Contact Us if you are interested in joining
(When Waiting List re-opens)  

Fees per annum, payable 1st June
Age as at 1st June
Commitment to be added to your Club card on 1st June each year
Shares available for purchase at £1 each in blocks of 200 or 400
Only shareholders can vote at the company AGM
Additional annual fee of £23.50 for EGU/KGU subscriptions to provide internationally recognised handicaps; includes a Kent County Card
Student membership available to members studying for 16 or more hours per week in a recognised F urther or Higher Education Establishment
Lessons available for Juniors at discounted rates
Lockers available for hire (subject to availability) - please enquire at the Club Office
All golfing members share the same benefits as social members

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