Chislehurst Golf Club

The Temple Folly

Hidden in plain sight - a Grade II listed Folly by James 'Athenian' Stuart

From the Imperial lounge you can see the Temple, added to the grounds as part of Lord Camden's development of the property in the 1760's.

Today it is the emblem of the Chislehurst Golf Club and the Temple Trophy is played for annually.

The Temple Trophy

The original inspiration came for this garden ‘folly’ from the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates Greece and was imported to England by James Stuart – famous for his role in bringing neo classical design to England.

A designer of significant influence, he is known as James ‘Arthenian ‘ Stuart.

He was close friend of Lord Camden’s and of the architect George Dance.  Letters in the Kent archive from Lord Camden to his daughter speaks of how pleased he is with the decorative work of Stuart in the apartments, his dissatisfaction with the location of the Choragic monument but his desire for his new bath house to be completed.

The bath house has been long ago abandoned but it is located on early maps and was positioned behind and to the right of the Temple.


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