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Napoleon III - The Road to Camden Place 20th March


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Napoleon III arrived in Chislehurst on 20th March 1871 - 150 years ago.

When Mr. Lord, Chislehurst’s Station Master arrived at Camden Place on the morning of 20th March 1871, he brought news of the Emperor’s release from prison after his defeat in Sedan and the start of what was to be his last stop on an eventful life journey.

Napoleon’s CV makes interesting reading: two terms in prison, exiled twice, banished twice, deported once and survivor of 4 assassination attempts. He fathered (at least) five sons - one of them legitimate! He became the first President of France and its last Emperor. 

He was widely described as lecherous, certainly convinced it was his destiny to rule France, but in many ways, he was a moderate modernizer. 

Join our very own club historian, Angie Hatton, and Joanna Friel from the Chislehurst Society for this one hour zoom talk about Napoleon and the journey that led him to Camden Place.


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