Chislehurst Golf Club

The Camden Place Entrance Hall

Hidden in plain sight - a back door with style!

The oak panelled hall at Camden Place was added in the 1760’s as part of the transformation designed by architect George Dance for Sir Charles Pratt (later to become Lord Camden)

It was the centre of a three-room, three-story addition at the front of the house and was intended to be the back door, used by servants and provide access to the gardens.


The panelling is dated from the early 1600’s and was probably carved by Flemish craftsmen working in England.  It was recycled from elsewhere and repurposed to create the square hall.  It was originally a straight run of panelling along a corridor.

The hand made screws holding the panelling in place indicates it was indeed added as part of the 1760’s transformation work. The ceiling also dates from this time.  The hall also includes two ‘secret’ doors leading to the adjoining rooms and allowing discrete access for the servants to come and go.


The top of the panels includes a series of twenty carved grotesque corbels in the form of figures, framing the coving of the cornice.  
These interesting and individual figures depict a range of styles and activities:

  • Male satyr with beard
  • Horned goat-man with book
  • Male satyr playing harp
  • Male figure with bagpipes
  • Horned satyr with wind instrument
  • Hooded male satyr with shield
  • Female satyr
  • Male satyr
  • Hooded female satyr with hand on breast
  • Horned beared male satyr with tablets (Moses)
  • Bearded male satyr with hand on breast
  • Bearded male figure with basket
  • Hooded male satyr with bird and fruit
  • Male figure with ruff and stringed instrument (head to side)
  • Female horned satyr with book
  • Male bearded satyr with cap
  • Femail satyr
  • Male bearded satyr caryatid with pointed hat (no arms)
  • Male horned satyr

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