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Unless required by a formal event, smart casual attire is permitted at all time throughout the golf club.  Men are requested to wear a jacket when dining in the dining room.  

Golf shoes may only be worn in locker rooms and the Faber (spike) Bar.  We request that you change from any wet or soiled golf clothing. 

We ask for a considerate and pragmatic interpretation of smart casual (which can include smart denim), based on the weather conditions and your reason for visiting the clubhouse.  

The following are not permitted in the clubhouse at any time:  

  • hats or caps
  • tracksuits
  • sports trainers (e.g. running shoes)
  • rugby and football shirts
  • beachwear.  

Jeans are not permitted when dining in the Dining room.


On the course, we request that the recognised formal golfing attire is worn in the proper manner. 

In keeping with R & A traditions the following are not permitted:

  • collarless or sleeveless T-shirts (with the exception of recognised golfing attire)
  • shirts cut above waist level
  • beach or elasticated shorts
  • denim
  • tracksuits
  • rugby shirts or similar clothing. 

For Men, we ask that shirts be tucked in and shorts are tailored and knee-length and are worn with appropriate sports socks. 

For Ladies, we ask that shorts or skirts be tailored.


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