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The Club has recently implemented automatic gates at the entrance to our car park, along with new CCTV cameras and street lighting with the aim of improving the security of our members, the house and grounds.  

Instructions for using the gates are as follows:

DRIVERS:  The gates are set to open automatically for entry and exit.  The width of the gates does not allow two vehicles to pass, so please be careful to respect others and give way as appropriate.

  • On ENTRY, stop short of the gates, just on the new tarmac, and wait for them to open fully away from you before entering
  • On EXIT, stop your vehicle level with the keypad and lamp column and wait for the gates to open fully towards you.

PEDESTRIANS:  The side gate remains unlocked and is available for use by pedestrians.  The gate is heavily sprung, so take care.  

Note that the intercom links with the Club Office and will be answered during office hours.


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