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"Chislehurst Golf Club - 125 Years at Camden Place"




£30 for Club Members

£30 for Chislehurst Society Members (limited period)


Available from Chislehurst Golf Club, the Chislehurst Society and Amazon


If you already have a copy, please visit Amazon and leave a supportive review...and don't forget to order a copy for your friends and family (Xmas is coming!)




A Coffee Table Book, just bigger than A4: 240 x 297mm, including 160 pages and over 300 images in full colour.


Section 1:  The history of Camden Place from the early days of William Camden to the changes made during its 125 years as our Clubhouse. 


Section 2: The creation of the Golf Club and the history the of the course, how it went from 9 to 18 holes and the people who have been important in its evolution.


Section 3: The ‘doings’ of Chislehurst Golf Club. 125 years of golfing highs and lows and some of the people who have made the Club what it is today.