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The Chislehurst Golf Academy is an instruction based membership designed to provide novice golfers with the opportunity to practice their skills, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the rules and etiquette of the game, and offers the perfect stepping stone into full membership.

Membership includes:

  • Introduction/Assessment session
  • 1 x Chislehurst Golf Club gift pack
  • 5 x ½ hr lessons   
  • 1 x 4 hole, on-course playing lesson (Groups of 3)
  • 1 x FREE equipment suitability assessment using HD
  • Academy Playing Sessions
  • Rules, etiquette/social evenings
  • Identification bag tag allowing access to course at the times listed below
  • Access to all clubhouse, practise facilities and social events
  • Members Discount off bar food and beverage purchases with the club green card

Academy Membership is for 1 Year with option to extend to 2 at the Professional’s discretion. With the Professional’s approval, there is also the option to graduate to Full membership at any given time. The membership year starts on 1st June.

The Academy costs £721 payable at start of the year, plus £25 to be added to your bar card.  The joining fee waived until Full membership status is obtained.

Playing Times are from 1 pm BST, seven days a week (12 noon GMT).

Academy members can only play on competition days with prior permission from the Professional. On all days, Academy members must report into the Professional before teeing off.

Academy members are not allowed to play in non-Academy competitions during the Academy year and are unable to bring guests onto the course.