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Apply for Membership

The application and joining process typically requires a playing or social member proposer and a seconder and an interview with the General Manager and Club Captains.

To apply for Membership at Chislehurst Golf Club, please provide as much information as possible in the form below.

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Have you been a member of CGC before?
Would you like CGC to be registered as your home club?
Have you ever played Chislehurst before?
Do you know anyone at CGC?
Do you have a Spouse/Partner who may be interested in joining as a Golfing or Social member?
Do you have any children who may be interested in joining our Junior Academy or as a Junior member?
If available, would you be interested in renting a locker?
Are you interested in purchasing Chislehurst Golf Club shares, which may entitle you to a discount in your annual subscription?

Data Protection

Chislehurst Golf Club will hold personal data related to you for the purposes of managing the club on a day-to-day basis. This data will include your home address, telephone numbers, email addresses, car registration and emergency contact details. Members are able to manage the privacy of this data through the members’ area of the club’s website and the Members’ App.

Will you be happy to share your email address with other members of the Club?
Will you be happy to share your home telephone number with other members of the Club?
Will you be happy to share your mobile telephone number with other members of the Club?


If applicable, please let us know who is supporting your application:

Temporary membership is offered to those moving into the area and who are unable to find sponsors for their membership applications.

If elected, I hereby agree to comply with the Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws of the Club currently in force.

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